Greatness: How The Great Become Great… and You & I Don’t

Bill Dorris, Ph.D.

© 2020

This book shows how the greats in any field become great. It explains how they develop over many years from the invisibility of birth to becoming iconic figures as diverse as Elvis, Einstein, Mozart, and Marilyn; Marie Curie, Alfred Hitchcock and the Williams sisters. This book considers all of these greats and many more. It analyzes how everything from genetics and family dynamics to institutional ties and cultural forces comes into play over the course of many years of development. Greatness is an easy read as it is written almost in story form. There is no academic jargon cluttering up the text. (All of the relevant research is in the Notes, if you want it.)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out that there are literally millions of people in every generation born with sufficient genetic potential to become great, yet almost none of them ever do. Why?

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