Greatness (2020): Download It Now

In addition to the above PDF of Greatness (2020), which is 336 pps and contains all the Text and Notes, ie the entire book, you can also download 2 other free PDFs here:

Greatness: Short Version (2017), which is 201 pps and contains all of the Text from the full book, plus those Notes which present case studies; and

Greatness: Case Studies (2017), which is 88 pps, and contains extensive studies of the development from birth on of Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Guthrie, and Norma Jeane /Marilyn.

To download a free PDF of either of these books click on the link below:
PDF Link for Greatness: Short Version (2017)
PDF Link for Greatness: Case Studies (2017)

Print Versions

At Cost Print Versions of all three of the above books are available on Lulu.
To preview and/or order any of these three books, simply Click on the Link below, and when you get to the site, search for “Dorris Greatness”.

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